Home warranty Inspection services

Your 1st year Home Warranty covers

Defects in materials and workmanship are covered by your warranty for the first year you are in your new home.We will inspect your home just before your 1st year home warranty expires to see if there are any deficiencies with the materials or workmanship.

Your 2nd year Home Warranty

Your new home warranty for 2 years covers defects in delivery and distribution systems for gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Exterior cladding, caulking, windows, and doors that cause damage to your new home.

Your 2nd Year warranty also provides coverage for non-compliance with the building code.

Before your 2nd year Home Warranty expires we will inspect your home for defects in all of the systems and components described above.

5th year Home Warranty

Your new home is covered for defects in the building envelope for five years, including water penetration that causes material damage to the building.

We will inspect your home before your 5th year warranty expires. If there are problems with your building envelope, or water infiltration, an inspection may find it.

10th year Home Warranty

Your 10th year Home Warranty covers defects in Structure. You are covered for major structural defects in your new home for ten years, including defects for material and labour that result in a failure of the load-bearing structure. Your warranty also covers structural damage that makes your home unfit to live in. The maximum protection available to you is $200,000.

We will inspect the structure of your home before your  10 year new home warranty expires.

Is Your Builder Registered?

Please make sure to Call National Home Warranty at 1-800-243-8807

to confirm your builder has registered your home.